Hello there friends!

Tara and Nikole here, with so much goodness to tell. You might remember we’d mentioned Kinfolk Magazine a while back, and we’re mighty excited that today we can finally, finally give you a look.

The magazine is all about the magic of the small gathering; the coming together of those we cherish the most in celebrations big and little, or in the passing of simple hours in their company, and the everyday moments that charm. It was an idea close to our hearts and right up our alley, and we were thrilled at the opportunity to be a part of it.

In an added bonus, it gave us the perfect excuse for a collaboration we’ve long wanted to do. We wrote a story about two friends getting together for breakfast or lunch on a weekday, eaten outside. We sat on the steps in the sun and laughed over cookies and bubbles, messy sandwiches and berries, and it was all pretty grand. We hope you like it, we’re happy to share it with you. Nathan brought together a stellar group for the project. The magazine is both a print and online endeavour; while the paper edition’s already sold out (!!) fingers are crossed for a second run, and here’s to enjoying the beauty of its pages on their site.

So thanks to everyone for their hard work, we’re beaming to be a part of such a community. Here’s to days like these and the many issues to come. Kinfolk Magazine, issue one. Hip, hip.

Photographs numbers 3 through 5 by the absolutely spiffy Nikole Herriott, the first two by me.